Jessica Gallo

Over the years I have had the opportunity to play for family and friends in times of illness and during the end of life process. I have been very moved by the healing quality of music—and its ability to express emotions in a way words cannot.

I have completed classes through MHTP to become a Certified Music Practitioner. The curriculum I followed is based on the scientific studies in the field of Music-Medicine and is also a governed by The National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians (NSBTM). As part of my graduation requirements I completed an internship playing music one-on-one at the bedside. I worked with hospice patients at Bayview Retirement Community and also with patients in the Critical Care and Oncology Units at Virginia Mason Medical Center.

A CMP’s work differs from that of a Music Therapist in that we do not actively involve the patient in the creation of music. A CMP plays music for the direct benefit of the patient with the goal of creating a healing environment. My hope is that this environment extends beyond the patient to any family members, partners or staff who may be visiting or providing care to the patient.

I currently work at Virginia Mason Medical Center and with Kaiser Permanente providing therapeutic music.